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Our goal is quite simple; we want to tell your story in the most creative ways possible. Whether it be web, video, audio or copywriting. Our team of designers and content developers will work with you at every step to ensure you maximise the potential that creative design and carefully crafted content can bring to your business development.
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Digital Marketing

Personalised Marketing to the masses!

Digital Marketing is the marketing of products and services through a variety of online media channels.  It is a highly affordable, easily targetable and ultimately trackable mode of selling your products, services or ideas to a potentially vast audience.  But it is a bit of a science!

At Ruby Cube Media we offer a complete range of Digital Marketing services and work with our customers to ensure they all come together effectively to maximise their digital marketing strategy:

Search Engine Optimisation

At the core of good SEO are three fundamental processes: -

  • creating quality content that is valuable to your customers and therefore more likely to be shared and linked to
  • getting high value links pointing to your website and
  • ensuring your website is built technically correctly and optimised using the correct keywords and content.

Good SEO is never a ‘quick fix’ solution and very often cutting corners can do you more harm than good. We always conduct a full SEO audit from which we create a comprehensive strategy.

Search Engine Marketing (Pay Per Click Advertising)

If your budget allows, we will create a paid search advertising campaign that can be focussed on targeting very specific search terms.  We have been building global PPC campaigns for companies now for over ten years, some with very small budgets and others with tens of thousands to spend.

A PPC campaign can be very effective if your company has a poor ranking on search engines or if you want to move in to new markets where you have little or no brand presence.  Our detailed analysis of the traffic these campaigns drive to your site will ensure that your budget is spent in as cost effective a manner as possible.  Consultation with our clients about this analysis is an ongoing process.

Social Media Strategy

So many companies now set up their social media channels (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blog, etc.) without any real strategy or any idea how they will fit in to their digital marketing mix.  Social media often fails because companies never think what the customer wants.  In fact, some channels may be completely unsuitable for the market within which a client operates.  Understanding the channels your customers are using is essential as is knowing what content to share with them.  Social media gives you the opportunity to engage with your customers in a meaningful way.  If you have confidence in the quality of your products or service, it opens a channel that allows your customers to be your greatest advocates.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is about creating and sharing relevant content with your customers and potential customers and we believe that content marketing sits in the centre of your digital marketing strategy.  Good content, shared properly on your social media channels builds trust in your brand, drives traffic to your website and creates leads that ultimately convert to sales.
In theory that all sounds easy, but in our experience the one thing that clients find most difficult is actually creating the content.  Many even find it difficult to write content about the company itself. What we do is take the pain out of this for our clients.  We sit down with them, interview them about all aspects of their business, research their market, their customers and their competitors and then we start to work on a content strategy.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around for some time now and is still one of the best ways of keeping your customers up to date with your company’s products and services.  It is a fast, highly focussed, personal and affordable method of keeping in touch with your customers. The email marketing software we use provides us with comprehensive analysis on how your customers engaged with the email so, as with everything we do, we can then analyse the data, see what works and what doesn’t and thus positively influence any future campaigns.